Greetings and Hello
This is the start of my web page that I am creating that I hope will become an awesome source for you and others to use.  It won't quite be the best hoverboard site like this site.  =(
What am I covering?  Hoverboards, self balancing scooters, balance boards, smart boards, mini-Segways, the Swagway, Powerboard, Monorover, or whatever else you want to call these freaking things.

Seriously, they need to get their poop together and decide what the common name for them is going to be.  

Hoverboards: The Best and The Worst
There are several different hoverboard brands and models being sold around the world.  Some of these hoverboards are unsafe!  There has been a recent outbreak of hoverboard batteries shorting and causing a fire.  Not one of the coolest features included in a hoverboard.  

Where to get a hoverboard?

The best place that I know to get a hoverboard is Amazon.  They are a huge retailer, that carries most of the models that are available to sell.  However because of the whole fire thing, Amazon has temporarily pulled most hoverboard brands from the site.  They have to prove first that they pass some difficult safety testing first.